Indian Dishes Recipe In Modern Style By Chef Mural

Indian Dishes Recipe In Modern Style By Chef Mural


Indian dishes recipe: What thought in your mind about the culinary India? Rich curry spice? Briyani Rice? Traditional Indian food is famous for its aroma and flavor with strong, authentic, and fatty.

indian dishes recipe But now, Indian cuisine can also be different with a milder flavor. Manjunath Mural, executive chef of The Song of India – Indian concept of fine dining restaurants in Singapore, introduced the innovation of modern Indian fusion cuisine creations.

Modern Indian dishes recipe from Chef Mural creations using fresh raw materials and high quality. He was also very concerned about food presentation details are always artistic appearance like a work of art. No wonder modern Indian food creations can be performed worldwide.

An appetizer consisting of Pink Salmon, Caviar Topped Crispy Dual Poisson, Trispiced Wagyu Beef, and Floating Summer Soup. Especially for Pink Salmon and Trispiced Wagyu Beef, on the scent may not be too strong, but the taste is very strong despite his Indian remains light in the mouth.

Similarly, the Floating Summer Soup is a chicken soup served with edible flower gorgeous and crispy puff floating baby. Although it have very strong aroma, but the taste is still lighter than the previous dish.

chicken roulade indian dishes recipeFor the main course, Chef Mural brings Homemade Spiced Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Baby Spinach with a concoction combination laksa sauce and eaten with rice or rice Pulao Briyani. The main dish in terms of taste is more powerful than an appetizer. However, in the tongue tastes lean like Indian food in general.

Mural covered dish Chef Works with Forest Berry Frosty, Saffron Almond Crusted pannacota, Molecular Jellies and equipped with fresh blueberries and strawberries as a counterweight sweet taste.

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The whole dish can be enjoyed in an atmosphere typical of a modern Indian dishes recipe and is suitable for those who love food flavorful herb light in the mouth.


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