Indian Cooking Recipes Of Canai Or Chappati

Indian Cooking Recipes Of Canai Or Chappati


Indian cooking recipes for you are all fans of Bollywood certainly not familiar with typical food “INDIA” This one is Canai / Chappati and Kari soup. Chappati is one well known as the staple food of rice in India. Chapatti is actually coming from northern India.

Indian Cooking Recipes Of Canai

Chapatti Indian cooking recipes itself is kind of flat bread made from wheat flour, which is by roasting to cook them on a griddle without oil. Chapatti ready to be served if its surface has a brownish color, and ready to be served alongside curries were certainly typical Indian curry, such as chicken curry, goats etc. Indian curry is slightly different with curry Indonesia. Where the Indian curry is thicker and more (spicy).

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In Indian cooking recipes, chappati often found in street stalls alias pavement. Many typical Indian snacks available in the pavement country of India and one of them Chappati, which the chef is very skilled and expert in making it. For those of you who would like to enjoy Chappati and confused how to get it, not have to go far away to the Indian State, we can make yourself really at home, ingredients and how to make it too easy and does not cost you a fantastic aka cheap. I also have tried to make and Alhamdulillah results are passable. This Chappati can also be enjoyed with loved ones at home, and the image below is my own homemade chappati along with the curry sauce from Indian cooking recipes.


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